Anchor’s iPad app is an all-in-one podcast studio


In February, audio social network Anchor relaunched as a one-stop podcast creation store. Now it features an iPad app designed for the larger device’s touchscreen interface. Even better, it includes editing tools, allowing users to trim, cut and drop segments and effects as they please. Get it now for free in the App Store.

The application is intended to take full advantage of the functionality of the iPad, allowing users to record, produce and edit a podcast episode to completion with the tablet alone, if necessary: ​​it works with microphones via the Lightning port, or users can stick to internal in a pinch. It’s designed to take advantage of the iPad’s real estate, benefiting from its split-window multitasking functionality as well as the ability to drag and drop audio files between Anchor and other apps.

While there are audio-muting iPad apps out there, including Apple’s GarageBand, Anchor thinks there are enough rambling creators who would prefer one that was geared specifically toward podcasts. Carrying an editing suite in a tablet could be appealing (and affordable) for those who don’t need a full sound studio and want their episodes cut and released on the go.

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