America’s Worsening Opioid Crisis Investigates in New ‘Outside Counsel’ Podcast


“The opioid epidemic in the United States is worsening, despite recent efforts to hold drug manufacturers and distributors accountable. Informing the public of the multilevel deceptions and systemic failures within the pharmaceutical industry is a important step in the fight against this epidemic,” said Simon. “With the help of my podcast guests and other experts, I’m connecting the dots and creating a holistic picture of the crisis for listeners, as well as illuminating the way forward as we navigate and innovate within the civil justice system to seek redress for those who suffer due to the disease of opioid addiction.”

Topics discussed on “Outside Counsel” include misinformation and deceptive tactics performed by some drug manufacturers and wholesale distributors, the political influence that enabled corporate malfeasance, historical perspectives on drug addiction, past legal strategies and current events, including Simon’s cabinet’s innovative use of public nuisance law. in opioid cases – and more. Simon also speaks with guests including Carol Panara, whistleblower at Purdue Pharmaceutical; dr. Andrew Kolodnyaddiction specialist and co-director of the Opioid Policy Research Collaborative at Brandeis University; Larry Francis Taylorattorney at Cochran Law Firm and Simon’s co-lawyer for of Dallas County upcoming jury trials against various pharmaceutical companies; and Christy Couvillierwhose brave and heartbreaking obituary for her son made national headlines in early 2022.

“Outside Counsel” is produced by Shannon McDeez of Revel & Convey and Larry Chavana. An overview and an episode guide are available at

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Jeffrey B. Simon is a lead negotiator in legal proceedings seeking to hold certain prescription opioid manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retail pharmacies accountable for their role in fueling and profiting from the nationwide opioid epidemic. He was named Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly every year for 17 years as well as one of America’s Top 100 Civil Lawyers for five years, and currently co-chairs the Perrin National Opioid Litigation Conference. For more information, visit

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