Amazon paid $100 million for ‘My Favorite Murder’. | Daily News Podcast


How much is Amazon willing to pay for an exclusive week-long window on Exactly Right Media’s my favorite murder podcast? Bloomberg reports that the tech giant will pay more than $100 million to Exactly Right Media in exchange for the rights to distribute and sell advertising to the company’s portfolio of podcasts, including the popular True Crime series. Under the terms of the deal, My Favorite Murder episodes hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark will be released a week earlier exclusively on the Amazon Music and Wondery apps before being widely available across all apps. In addition to its flagship podcast, the arrangement will also be in place for other podcasts produced by Exactly Right Media, including The murder squad, This podcast will kill youand I saw what you did.

Amazon’s latest offer is now bigger than the declared $60 million that Amazon paid last June for a similar window of exclusivity for SmartLess, the podcast hosted by actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. It also tops the $100 million Spotify would pay for The Joe Rogan Experience, which is now only available on the Spotify app.

My Favorite Murder launched six years ago this month and ranked #4 on Triton Digital Ranking for the most listened to shows among the publishers measured in December. Terms of the agreement, including its duration, were not released. Exactly Right Media was previously distributed by Stitcher with ad sales handled by SXM Media.

Meanwhile, SiriusXM also reportedly signed a nine-figure deal in October when he signed a long-term agreement with Audiochuck, the podcast studio created by Ashley Flowers. Bloomberg says SiriusXM paid more than $100 million to give SXM Media exclusive rights to sell ad inventory on shows like Addicted to crime, Anatomy of a Murderand park predators. The agreement also grants SiriusXM Stitcher’s distribution rights for all Audiochuck content. As part of this relationship, Audiochuck, SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher plan to collaborate on the development of additional content accessible across multiple platforms.

The deal moved away from AdLarge Media’s Cabana, which handled ad sales for Audiochuck since April 2019. Both companies last renewed their contract in May 2020.


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