Alcoholic Podcast: A Conversation with All-Pro Snapper Josh Harris


Red snappers are like air traffic controllers: usually, if you know their names, it’s because something went horribly wrong. Yet with Falcons fans and Josh Harris, that’s not the case. When the Falcons cut it for less than 24 hours in early September 2021, a significant portion of the fan base was ready to revolt.

After Evan Birchfield and I spoke to him, it’s easy to see why. The 10-year-old veteran attended Carrollton High School, was a Falcons and Braves fan growing up and just made his first pro-bowl and was also named 2nd team All Pro.

Josh is a great guy and an even better interview. Some of what we discussed:

  • What People Don’t Realize About Being an NFL-Level Long Snapper
  • Whether or not he say trash when he’s in the field
  • The way his kids recognize him when he’s on TV
  • His thoughts on the players and coaches he knows, such as Mike Smith, Dan Quinn, the ‘grumpy’ Matt Bryant and many more
  • So much more

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