Acast is making two leadership changes to its product team. | Daily News Podcast


In a move Acast says it is focused on strengthening its product team, it announced a pair of management changes. Stacey Goers, who joined Acast last year after five years at NPR, has been promoted to Senior Manager of Product for the podcast company. Virginia-based Goers will oversee the Acast+ podcast subscription offering as well as Acast’s product lineup for customers who want to enhance their existing subscriptions with podcast content.

Meanwhile, at its Stockholm headquarters, Acast has hired Jessica Baban as Senior Manager within Acast’s product design team. She comes from Swedish medical technology company Kry/Livi and has more than a decade of experience designing products for companies such as H&M and Spotify. At Acast, Baban will focus on designing products that help podcasters find their audience and earn more money from their craft.

“Stacey and Jess will help take our products to new heights, ensuring that every podcaster on Acast is able to find their most valuable audience, at scale, and earn more money.” Their roles will be crucial in helping podcasters accelerate both audience and revenue growth,” said Christian Milz, Senior Product Manager at Acast. “Stacey’s team will be fully focused on helping creators get started and get the most out of Acast+ and other membership offerings, while Jess and her team of product designers will play a critical role in understanding the overall needs of podcasters – and what solutions will help you reach out to them.


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