A sister creates a Campside podcast studio


Drama indie Sister backs new dedicated podcast studio, Campside.

The studio, created by longtime journalists Josh Dean (The Clearing), Vanessa Grigoriadis (Tabloid: The Making Of Ivanka Trump), Matthew Shaer (Over My Dead Body), and writer/producer Adam Hoff, will be dedicated to ” superior non-fiction storytelling.

Campside received “significant” seed investment from Sister, which was founded by Elisabeth Murdoch, Jane Featherstone and Stacey Snider. The two companies have already identified three projects to develop for television under a first-look deal.

Grigoriadis said, “We believe in story first and to that end we wanted to make Campside a company built around storytellers. At a time when audio media is exploding with potential – ever-growing audiences and hungry for significant investment in exciting new platforms – we want to empower journalists who create and work on amazing stories. It’s our goal not just because it’s fair and just, but because it’s how you create success.

Stacey Snider, Global Managing Director of Sister, said, “From the minute the Campside team walked into the room, Liz, Jane and I were blown away by their insights, integrity and passion for great stories. This is an incredible team of writers whose mission, like ours, is to support other creatives in their quest for excellence and self-determination. We are excited to work with Campside to grow their network, identify outlets for their stories and nurture a new generation of talent.

The new network already has 11 original non-fiction podcasts in production or development covering true crime, scandal and adventure. Hoff, who has chosen or adapted more than a dozen non-fiction stories for film and television, commented, “Every time I open our company’s Slack feed, Josh, Matt and Vanessa have 10 new ideas. incredible: their own ideas or ideas from journalist friends. ” Shaer adds that the podcast format is a great fit for many of these projects: “A lot of them are great for audio, where the story can achieve a level of intimacy that’s harder to achieve in print.”

Campside also signed with UTA’s Emerging Platforms division, which helped broker the deal with Sister alongside Morris Yorn and Blakemore Fallon.

“We are extremely proud to be on this journey with Campside and to unveil this esteemed group whose passion lies in extraordinary journalism,” said UTA’s Oren Rosenbaum. “This collaboration represents more than a gathering of creative brilliants, but a pivot in how stories are told and consumed. Their trajectory is singular and inspiring and we couldn’t be more grateful to Sister for sharing our dedication to this team and for helping pave the way for exciting new opportunities.

Campside’s first show will be a 10-part series about the outrageous Hollywood scam Con Queen, hosted by Dean and co-developed with Grigoriadis. Other first-year shows include Masked, an investigation into a botched Seattle murder case (co-reported by Shaer and fellow magazine reporter and Over my Dead Body alum Eric Benson) and the first of three Sister-developed projects. ; The Lost, hosted by Italian journalist Matteo Fagotto, a gripping exploration of a mother and daughter reuniting decades after the latter was robbed at first by the Spanish government in a national market adoption scandal noir ; and Hooked, the story of a series of bank robberies against the backdrop of America’s opioid crisis. Created and hosted by Dean, Hooked is already in development for TV by John Ridley for ABC Studios.

Additionally, Campside will produce shows in new genres like adventure, as well as other global narrative shows, including projects in Japan, Brazil and India. Each story has to go through a very rigorous internal process. “Our whole mission is about big, ambitious stories, built around groundbreaking reporting,” Dean says. “We don’t have B-sides.”

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